Friday, December 7, 2007

We are the source, we have been enlightened already…

We are the source of all our experiences, everything that we feel we are experience from outside is nothing but our already hidden experiences. The whole existence resides in us, it’s a dilution that we see and experience things outside us, in reality those experiences are already stored in our being, with an external stimuli we start witnessing what is there inside. There is nothing out there which is real, even this computer on which you are reading this message is also not real, this message is hidden inside you already, this external stimuli is just helping you to uncover that already existent experience.

Have you ever notices that a similar situation outside will give different experiences to different people witnessing that situation, what is this matter. If the experience is really coming from that external situation then every body involved in that should get the same experience but it rarely happens. The reality is all of us are carrying the whole existence in us, the only difference is one might have uncovered more layers of reality then the other. Let me share with you another dimension of this to make it more clear.

We all are made from 5 elements of nature, i.e. earth, wind, space, water and fire. In each one of us the dominance of 1 or 2 elements will be more then the other, for example, in some of us fire will be more dominant, in some others earth or water could be more dominant. Now, if you show a blue colored image to 2 people, the one in whom space is more dominant energy will see images of space in that, and in the other in whom water is the dominant energy will see images of water out of the same blue color. Now the question is both of them are seeing the same blue colored image, so why this difference in perception or imagination. The reason is, that perception or imagination is coming from inside of the person, it is his core dimension which he is experiencing while looking at that image.

All the external experiences are completely illusionary, the real experience is happening inside, an experience is nothing but uncovering of an already known experience, which might have been there from past many lives.

We all are already enlightened. God has already happened to us, infact we are already gods, we are already the whole of existence, its just that we need to uncover this reality which has gotten curbed under our false ego, under our false view of reality. The moment, we are able to uncover this already existent reality, we will realize that we have been enlightened from the very moment we were born, we were never separated, we have always been one. Duality will cease to exist that very moment. The already happened Nirvana will be experienced again.

Love to the god sitting inside you.

Relation and Devotion

Humans have been struggling with one thing called Relations from time immemorial… but it seems that most of us haven’t been able to yet understand what Relations are. We spend our life trying to live these relationships without even really understanding that all of these relations are not real. To me relations are very transactional. Any relation between two persons is nothing but a series of transactions, some transactions can be very superior and some might not be that superior but all of the relations are transactions of different nature. And a transaction is one which is dependent on give and take, the moment there is dis-balance in give and take, we see problems in that relation. Look at husband and wives, girl friend and boy friend, mother and child, father and son, brother and sister, any relationship you see… its nothing but a series of transactions. Modern husbands need to spend a loving weekend with a great movie, a great dinner and a great shopping experience (this is called a perfect weekend) with wives and in return wives will take care of household stuff, children, kitchen and ofcouse the sexual needs of the husband. If husbands don’t provide this (Perfect weekend) to the wives, the transactional relationship goes for a toss. Every father has a dream for his son and if the son doesn’t full fill that dream, the entire relation goes for a toss. The whole problem is that we feel ashamed in admitting that all our relations are nothing but series of transactions. A relationship can become pure in true senses, can become god like if there are no give and takes, if there are no expectations, if there is utmost selflessness.

Devotion is the purest form of relation, actually its not correct to call devotion as a form of relation because devotion is very god like and relations are very transactional. When you are in devotion, there is no expectation, you do things out of your inner feelings, there is a total trust, there is a total selflessness a total oneness. In devotion, duality doesn’t exist, there is no other, you become one. That is why devotion is god like, that is why with god there is a relation of god and devotee, there is total surrender, total trust, total selflessness. In devotion, god doesn’t expect anything from you and you don’t expect anything from god.

Today humanity is suffering coz of false relationship, there is no depth. If you have to live a fulfilled life, you have to uplift all your relationships in devotion. The day you start seeing god in every being around you, that day devotion takes birth in you and then there is no relationship, then you are in devotion with everybody around you, you become one with all. It is a supreme communion between two beings, in this communion transactions don’t exist, there is only love, a supreme devotion.

Love to the god sitting inside you.