Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Last Moment

Wow, what an experience…

Have you ever realized/dreamt/thought what would be our last moment like. The more I am experiencing the unknown, the more awestruck I am becoming…

There is one moment in everybody’s life when one becomes realized, at least for that very moment. But unfortunately for most of us, that’s our very last moment on this earth, its smaller then even smallest fraction of a second. Yet in that fractional moment, we see our entire life flashing through our eyes. The phenomenon of time doesn’t apply there.

I used to often question, why death is so painful for the majority of humans, I found all kinds of reasons this pain like the fear of unknown, attachment with this body, pain of leaving the loved ones behind, unfulfilled tasks etc. but the one most powerful reason, I realized just recently.

In that fractional moment, our consciousness is automatically raised to such an extent that we go beyond the boundaries of time. In that last moment, each one of us realize the true purpose of our life, the reason for which we were born, and in that last moment, we also see our entire life flashed through our vision. In that last moment, we realize that we lost it; we realize that we wasted this golden opportunity of merging with the divine. It feels as you wake up from the dream of life and realize that you just forgot the purpose, for which you came. The loss is really intense, and that is why such an enormous pain. The pain is not so much of the unknown, but the pain is so much of the known, of the known fact, the known realization that you lost it, you were just sleeping, all the time engaged in the mundane activities of the dream.

Unfortunately, you wake up from the dream at the last moment and then you are entering into the state of death. At that last moment you realize that you didn’t live, the moment you get up from the dream, you straightaway enter into death. You didn’t live, not even for a single day. And now there is no time to live, the game is over. No pain can be greater then the pain of this realization, no loss can be bigger then this loss of unlived life.

That is why, all dharma’s keep on telling us to wake up, wake up from this dream, this illusion of Maya, live aware fully and prepare for an awakened death. A death which then no longer be the last moment, it will become an eternal moment, by then the drop would have become the ocean and the seed would have become the tree…

Wake up, O my beloved travellers, wake up, you can save yourself from that enormous pain of “The Last Moment”… wake up and convert that “Last moment into an eternal moment”… You don’t have to wait till the last moment, its right here, waiting for you.

Bless this existence by your awakening…

(love to the god sitting inside you)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Inner source of energy

This world is really an illusion, the more I see it outside the more I witness this illusion. We often think that everybody carries a certain energy and it also gets transferred… so, lets say if you are with a positive guy, a part of his positive flow of energy does gets transferred into you and hence you feel positive, or if you are with a negative person, a part of his negative energy gets transferred into you and hence you start feeling negative. However, this whole phenomenon of energy transfer also appears to be another illusion, because in reality, nothing happens outside, everything is inside you only… the whole brahmand is inside every being.

So what happens in reality? Does the energy transfer from one to another happens? Why do we feel influenced in a certain way (positive or negative) with some people? The truth is, the entire store of energy is inside you, you are carrying this endless source of energy (positive, negative, neutral) in you all the time. When you meet a person with positive flow of energy, for that particular moment, he/she creates a context, a space around you which helps you to tap into your own source of energy with positive flow, he didn’t transfer any of his energy in you, but he just created a space, a context. The same happens when you are in the company of a negative person, he creates a context, a space which forces you to open your own source of negative energy.

So, when Buddha said, “sangham sharanam gacchami”, he wants you to be with people, who can create a meditative space, meditative context around you, so that you can go to your own inner source of energy and transform it into a divine meditative energy. But remember, end of the day, the vast source of energy is hidden inside you only… stop seeking it in the outside world, that’s an illusion. Go within you and there you will find this hidden jewel. Once you find it, you can just open the flood gates and let it flow towards the divine, soon the connection will be created and the transformation will happen… from human to divine. Living in the same body the human being will transcend into the endless divine…