Thursday, June 19, 2008

Everything Returns to its source

It is the very nature of existence that everything returns to its source. Till things returns to their very source, they also feel attracted towards the source. The child is always connected, attached and attracted towards his mother, there is always a strong bond between the child and the mother, mother is the source of child’s existence in this life and that’s why he shares a very special bond, a strange connectedness with his mother, throughout his life. You can witness the same phenomenon in the rain drops, after journing thru many miles in rivers it finally merges back in its source which is the ocean, it came from the ocean in the beginning and finally it merges back in the ocean.

Human life is also the same, we are always attracted towards our source, sometimes knowingly but most of the times unknowingly. We are constantly in a strange search of the unknown. our search sometimes takes the form of external travel, sometimes the form of running after name, fame, money, relations, securities and so on and after acquiring all of this, we still feel a strange kind of emptiness with, a strange kind of feeling of going somewhere else or needing something else. All these are small instances of our “real search” our real need to find our source, our real desire to merge back in the source.

In life, our challenges are huge. Most of us spend entire life running after things, which are never able to fill ourselves. So most of us die without even knowing what is our real search, what is it that we really wanted? We just get trapped in the outer world and in the illusion we run after the wrong things, so instead of searching, journing within, we spend our life time searching in the outer world.

Fortunate are the ones, who get the blessing and courage to sit back and start looking within to find, what is the real search, what is the real source, what is the real love and what is the real journey. Once you realize this and start your journey, your search within, you go thru some great experiences and each moment a new awakening happens in your being, and slowly you start moving closer to your center, closer to your source. After a great inner travel, a great inner journey, a point comes when you suddenly realize that “it is in the very nature of everything to move back, to merge in the source”, the process is absolutely natural and mystically automatic, but you still have a BIG role to play and the role is quite simple. You can do this entire travel, which is very natural, which will happen eventually on its own, but your role and your choice is, either you can do this travel in the sleeping mode or in your full awareness, if you see, there is a big difference in both the states.

Think of this, it is your inherent nature to merge back in your source, death will come and you will be merged back into the source, everyone will be merged back sooner or later nobody will escape this merging, but still you have a choice of leading a fulfilled, awakening life, witnessing the divine and be in the divine love each moment of your life OR keep cribbing about things which you did not get, relations which did not materialize, endless desires which never got fulfilled and the false ego which could never be satisfied. These are the only two ways of completing your journey, god has given you complete power to choose either way, and choice is absolutely yours. The sooner you decide the better it is, coz death will come any moment without warning and you will be merged back into your source, your body will be merged into its own five elements, your mind with all your thoughts will be merged in this very existence from where it came, and your pure consciousness will be merged in the collective consciousness of the whole existence. It is time to make your conscious choice and it is also the time to realize that death is no different from life. You came from death, from that unknown divine source and once your journey is over, you will be merged back to the same death, to the same divine source. Death must be the feeling of coming back home. The rain drop merging with the mother ocean finally. Life and Death is beautifully divine if you live and die in divine love and awareness.

Love to all sentient beings...